As one of the biggest jazz names in China, it was a real honour to work on some of Lawrence's gear.

Tom Anderson Custom Tele

This Tom Anderson is one of Lawrence's main touring guitars. The 3 pickup configuration and a tremolo give him unmatched variability to suit many different styles of music. He wanted to 'one-up' it even further to include piezo pickups so he can save himself from bringing an acoustic guitar with him on tour. A set of Graphtech Ghost piezo pickup saddles were installed and were wired in passive to a new push/pull switch that allowed him to change between magnetic and piezo pickups, while still keeping volume and tone controls for both modes.

Gibson ES-335

As a jazz guitarist, this 335 is one of Lawrence's staples for his jazz gigs. Over time, the volume pots had worn out, causing crackling as the volume pots were rolled. The volume pots were replaced with new CTS pots with a special taper to best suit Lawrence's playing style. After a setup, this guitar was quickly on it's way to Lawrence at a backstage room at one of Karen Mok's tour stops. Upon getting his hands on the guitar, Lawrence could not put it down until he had to leave for the big stage!

Custom A/B Box

In light of having piezo pickups installed in Lawrence's Tom Anderson tele, we were quick to realize that he would need an A/B box in order to pick between the electric or acoustic signal path on his pedalboard. Since he didn't have much real estate left on his pedalboard, we made the A/B box in the smallest sized enclosure possible, while still being rigid enough for tour.