Eugene Pao is one of the biggest names in jazz in Hong Kong. As one of the first local guitar legends that are still kicking it until today, he has a great reputation for tone, practicality and musicality.

Jose Ramirez Clasical

This Jose was rushed into the shop along with a few other of Jun Kung's acoustic guitars. They urgently needed some maintenance work before an acoustic recording session for Sandy Lam. Unfortunately, Eugene's guitar had a more serious problem than the others. The neck was bowing, causing some fret buzz. He liked the existing action as it was and wanted to keep work to the saddle at a minimum. Without an adjustable truss rod, our options were limited. So we decided to work on the frets, to get rid of the fret buzz. We did a partial level, crown and polish that focused on the higher frets that were causing the fret buzz.


Here are a couple of iterations of Eugene's "fly board" from a while back. Since Eugene plays in a large variety of gigs, he wanted a pedalboard that could pack as many sounds as possible, into a reasonably sized package. This is what we came up with in the end.