There are not enough words to describe the musicality and creativity of rising producer/guitarist/songwriter, Derrick Sepnio. Having worked closely with many top notch artists: Khalil Fong, Sandy Lam, Karen Mok, Jun Kung, Tia Ray, etc. Derrick has never stopped exploring new avenues of music and tone.

Tom Anderson Custom Angel

Derrick Sepnio's Tom Anderson Custom Angel sporting a beautiful red fade finish

Derrick Sepnio's Tom Anderson Custom Angel sporting a beautiful red fade finish

This is Derrick's main go-to guitar for tour. The combination of pickups and electronics give him immense control over his tone. This guitar frequently stops by the shop for setups and regular maintenance work in between tour stops.

Ibanez '80s Rocket Roll

An impulse buy by the guitarist. Derrick fell in love with the red finish when he spotted this second hand at a local guitar shop. Although it didn't play well and was buzzing all over the fretboard, he still went ahead and purchased it with the confidence that we would be able to make it play just the way he likes it. Despite it's age, the frets were still in good shop, so we proceeded with a setup and intense cleaning, removing all the old gunk and as much rust as possible from the hardware. After lubricating all the moving parts, the guitar was strung up. One strum on this guitar with distortion, and you're back in 80's rock territory.

Gibson 50th Anniversary Firebird

Having wanted to add a Firebird to his guitar arsenal for a long time, the gold finish on this guitar and it's juicy tone captivated Derrick and it was soon his. After the purchase, he stopped by our shop with the guitar wanting us to do a setup to make the guitar play the way he likes it. Featured on Khalil Fong's "Dangerous World" tour.


D'Angelico EX-DC

This D'Angelico was a custom order for Derrick. Also a frequent visitor of the shop for setups and maintenance. Featured in a recent TV singing competition as Derrick was invited as a guest by Tia Ray.

"Rocky" Replica

This is a replica of George Harrison's "Rocky" guitar. After Derrick got the guitar, he came to us and wanted us to replace the pickups with some better sounding pickups, so that he could use it for live shows. A set of Fender John Cruz wound pickups were installed, followed with a setup. Featured most prominently on Khalil Fong's "Dangerous World" tour during the "Lonely Child" solo.