Eastman 7-string

Eastman 7 string

A wonderful 7-stringer from Eastman Guitars. it originally came into the shop with a 7-string roundwound set of 13s. Unfortunately these strings weren't suitable for the guitar as it was causing the neck to bow more than it should, even with the truss rod tightened as far as it would go. On top of that, the low B string's ball end wouldn't sit properly in the tailpiece. After a discussion with my client, we decided to put on a set of 7-string flatwound set of 11s. It took a while for a few sets of 7-string flatwound sets to arrive but I'm glad they finally got in today. Now that it's strung up and setup, the strings fit perfectly into the tailpiece and the neck has a healthy amount of neck bow. Can't wait for the client to pick it up!