Most people know Aarif for his role in the China hit TV drama "The Empress Of China (武媚娘傳奇)", but this multi-talented artist also has a well developed music career. His love for guitar playing has allowed him to explore many different avenues of music, and many different types of guitars.

Gibson J-40

This Gibson J-40 had an accident that landed it in the shop. The top was cracked along with one of the finger braces under the top on the treble side. It was a pretty straight forward glue up repair. Since Aarif cared most about the tone of the guitar, rather than the aesthetics, the repair was focused mostly on structural issues.

Fender '90s Stratocaster

This heavily modified Strat was with Aarif for many years (since before he joined the entertainment industry we believe). The old nut was really bugging him as it was made of plastic and the slots were too low, and he didn't fancy the black tuning machines either. So we decided to replace the nut with a new bone one, and replace the modern style black tuning machines with some Gotoh vintage style ones.

Jackson RR5 / Fender P-Bass

The Jackson guitar and Fender bass were brought in after sitting in their cases for years. They needed some maintenance work and setups to put them back into service.